That’s a thing I’ve been sort of doing! Again!

This is the history of me and violin; feel free to skip down three paragraphs if you just want to know what’s currently going on :p

Back in 2000 or so, I heard my dear Uncle Markus, a musical prodigy who actually went through college for the violin, play his instrument, and I thought it was absolutely amazing. I must’ve made my enamorment known to my parents, ’cause that Christmas, I got a violin under the tree. I still remember playing those strings for the first time, enthusiastically swooshing my bow from string to string. I had no idea what I was getting into.

The summary of the five or so years that I played violin can be summed up into this: I wanted the skill without the work, and I got frustrated at myself when I couldn’t play it right. I never wanted to practice; so many tears were shed when that time of day or week came about. Despite my whining, my beautiful mom insisted I continued on, and loyally shuttled me to recitals and lessons, diligently taking notes to help me improve, until there came a point where my protests succeeded, and I was finished. Thank you and sorry, Mom ❤

I couldn’t appreciate these opportunities at the time, but looking back, I’m grateful. Inspired by one of my friends who played piano, my desire to pursue an instrument was reawakened early 2016, and I bought a violin. I even returned to my old violin teacher for a lesson or two, but I didn’t continue those visits, instead playing occasionally on my own with the aid of old music books and Youtube videos.  While I did remember the basics of how to play and the songs that had been drilled into my brain, I still had the sound of a slacking 5th grader, but at least I wasn’t crying and throwing in the towel whenever I made a mistake. The strained relationship I was forced to maintain with the violin for all those years paid off in the form of a naturally-budding curiosity down the road.

After learning that one of the McQueen kids had an interest in practicing her violin, I became more motivated to continue my playing as well. Not desiring to lug my violin across the world, I settled on the idea of purchasing one in Turkey. A couple weeks in Turkey went by, and Kai, the mother of the McQueen family had exciting news: there was a family who was offering their violin to anyone who wanted it! This family from Iran had a teenage daughter, who, like myself years ago, fell out of interest in playing the violin, and she no longer wanted it around. Despite it being a size smaller than what was a proper fit for me, I was beyond thrilled that God had provided for this seemingly low-priority desire of mine. Not only did God bring about the instrument, but He also presented a teacher and other kids on the team who were, and still are, eager in learning how to play.

It has been a good lesson on humbleness and perseverance. I used to be at the point where I could play songs like Minuets I, II, and III, and Gavotte (which sound way more impressive than they actually are), and now I’m back to repetitively reading and playing scales. However, that’s where the perseverance kicks in; if I keep on playing scales and focus in on proper technique and pitch, then I’ll be back at that point of playing music, and it’ll sound better than ever before! Not only that, but I’ll be able to learn the kind of music I want to learn, such as Worship and fiddle music.

I want to play violin to bring inspiration and joy to those around me. If you could pray that I can remain consistent in practicing, that’d be highly appreciated! 🙂

Yikes, I had no idea I had that much to say about violin O-o whelp, what’s done is done.


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